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Carbomer 934 / 974

CARBOMER range are synthetic high molecular weight crosslinked polymers of acrylic acid, which confirm to USP./INF. specifications as "CARBOMER"
CARBOMER range, are water soluble polymer use to :
Thicken To produce wide range of viscosities and flow properties.
Suspend Insoluble ingredients.
Stabilize & Emulsify Emulsions

Grade & Applications
Grades Solvent used in process
Carbomer 934P / 974P
(Benzene free)
Cyclohexane & ethyl acetate
Carbomer 934 / 974 - For thick formulations such as heavy gels, suspensions, emulsions for topical preparation.
Thickning efficiency High viscosities at low concentrations.
Uniform performance Reproducibility unattainable with natural gums.
Safety Years of successful use of carbomers.
Temperature stability Extended up to 750C heating or cooling
Unaffected by aging Excellent self life.
Microbial resistance Resists bacterial attack and does not support mold growth
Versatility Although primarily used in aqueous systems with neutralization. It can also be used in solvent systems, with or without neutralization.
Elegance Smooth and luxurious feeling.

Chilling Properties
On refrigeration CARBOMER gel can retaining the cool temperature level for 48 hours to 72 hours. Low temperature necessary for vaccines, toxoids, insulin and human albumin can be store in pre-refrigerated CARBOMER gel, making it as a suitable medium for transporting these medicines.
Appearance White fine free flowing powder.
Odour Mild acidic.
pH of 1% solution 2.5 to 3
Carboxylic content 56% to 68%
Heavy metals Max. 2 ppm
Temperature stability Up to 75°C

Grades Viscosity (20°C, 0.5% Neutralization)
Carbomer 934P / 974P 30,500 - 39,400 cps.

Preparation of Aqueous Transparent Gel
D.M. water 97.0 gm.
Carbomer (Any Grade) 0.5 gm.
Sodium Hyroxide
(10% solution)
2.5 gm.

Neutralizers Recommended
Sodium Hydroxide Potassium Hydroxide
Triethanol Amine Triethyl amine, other alkalies etc..

CARBOMER is a high molecular weight polymer. It is not absorbed by body tissues and is totally safe for human oral consumption. Test for toxicological tolerance show that it does not have pronounced physiological action and is non toxic.
Store in cool dry place. Keep away from moisture and water
5 kg., 20 kg., net in corrugated box.